Music Maker, living and working on unceded Kaurna land.


Dave’s performance credits include:

(listed alphabetically)

Adelaide Symphony Orchestra (Australia), Kyrie Anderson (Australia), Nancy Bates (Australia), Cindy Blackman (USA), Boss Trio (Australia), Boswell Project (Australia), Don Burrows (Australia), Tom Burlinson (Australia), Flora Carbo (Australia), Ricky Ford (USA), Sia Furler (USA), Laura Fygi (Netherlands), Goose (Australia), Jon Gordon (USA), Lauren Henderson (Australia), Bob Jeffery (Australia), Leroy Jones (USA), Jo Lawry (Australia/USA), Ryan Martin John (Australia), Mike Stewart Big Band (Australia), James Morrison (Australia), John Morrison (Australia), James Muller (Australia), Michelle Nicole (Australia), Libby O’Donovan (Australia), Don Rader (USA), Marlene Richards (Australia), John Riley (USA), Daniel Schnider (USA), Anita Wardell (UK/Australia), Harvey Wienappel (USA)

(photo credit: Jarrad Payne)


Dave is an Adelaide-based composer, arranger, freelance musical director, pianist, Hammond organist, keyboard player, and improviser. 

(photo credit: Flik Freeman)


Dave recorded an album of his original music in December 2022, at Audrey Studios in Melbourne, with Sam Anning (bass), Kyrie Anderson (drums), and Lauren Henderson (voice). It is set for release in 2023. Watch this space.

Dave’s duo album with acclaimed vocalist Anita Wardell – Stars – was released in December 2022.

His work with ‘Borscht’ was released as an EP on Bandcamp in May/June 2022.

Other musical highlights of late have been gigs at the Grace Emily, Adelaide, as part of the Django Rowe’s jazz-jamming extended family; performing with the Tom Voss/Lauren Henderson Big Band; and his Melbourne-Adelaide musical partnership with Flora Carbo, Kyrie Anderson, and Dylan Paul.

Dave recently wrote a suite of new music, based on the migration story of his mother as an eleven-year-old girl. It premiered at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Adelaide, in July 2022.

(photo credit: Stephen Trutwin)

‘The piano has eighty-eight keys, and sometimes one is enough’

– Dave McEvoy

‘We are a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyone’s arguing over where they’re going to sit’

– David Suzuki


Recent Albums, EPs, and Film Scores

Anita Wardell and Dave McEvoy: Stars (2022)
Borscht: Borscht (Django Rowe, Dave McEvoy, Flik Freeman, Kyrie Anderson) (2021)
Dave McEvoy: Ochre, (2020)
Gooey Deliria: Gooey Deliria – awaiting release (L to R: Flora Carbo, Dave McEvoy, Dylan Paul, Kyrie Anderson, with audio engineer Ryan Martin John) (2022)
Alexander Ioakim: Liminal (2021)
Dave McEvoy: Solo (2019)
Luke White Quintet: Luke White Quintet – awaiting release (2022)
The Mike Stewart Big Band: The Hang, featuring Dave McEvoy’s composition ‘New One’, with David Goodwin on piano (2021)
Soundtrack to Pinchpot, an animated film by Greg Holfeld (2018)
Ben Fuller Big Band: Ben Fuller Big Band – awaiting release (2022)
Anderson-Aue-McEvoy: Hwyl (2020)

Photo Gallery

The Boys Club. L to R: Dave McEvoy (honorary member!, piano), Kyrie Anderson (drums), Bonnie Aue (double bass), Kate Fuller (voice), 2020
Award-winning show: Nancy Bates’ Talking ‘Bout A Revolution (Nancy Bates, Tom Kneebone, Dave McEvoy, Flik Freeman, Kyrie Anderson), Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2022
With Adelaide Symphony Orchestra: Festival of Orchestra (FOfO), 2021
Dave McEvoy and James Muller, Adelaide Festival Theatre, 2021
Artwork: Greg Holfeld
Pinchpot (featuring soundtrack by Dave McEvoy): winner of the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) award for ‘Best Short Animation 2019’
Climate activism: being arrested in 2019 (photo credit: Stephen Trutwin)
Playing with Soul-Centric, 2019 (photo credit: Stephen Trutwin)
Award winning show: Ella at Zardi’s, 2022
Ochre album launch, Wizard Tone Studios. Back row L to R: Allye Sinclair (cello), Dylan Paul (bass), Sam Riley (bass), Dave McEvoy (piano), Shireen Khemlani (bass), John Aue (bass), Alana Dawes (bass); front row L to R: Jarrad Payne (audio engineer), Tim Bowen (bass), Kyrie Anderson (drums), Anita Wardell (voice), Milush Piochaud (bass), 2021
L to R: Kyrie Anderson, Dave McEvoy, Nancy Bates, Major ‘Moogy’ Sumner, Annie Siegmann, Ryan Martin John. Survival Day gig, 2021
Pinchpot (soundtrack by Dave McEvoy): official selection at the Cophenhagen Jazz Film Festival 2020
My late grandfather, Ron McEvoy, 2017; co-creator of one of Australia’s first native nurseries.
Anderson-Aue-McEvoy Trio, 2019
Climate activism: being arrested in 2022 (photo credit: Jordan Ellis)
Ochre recording session; L to R: Gemma Phillips (cello), David Phillips (double bass), Dave McEvoy (piano), Kyrie Anderson (drums), Anita Wardell (voice), Jarrad Payne (audio engineer), 2019
Climate activism: non-violent civil disobedience in 2020 (photo credit: Stephen Trutwin)
With vocalist Anita Wardell, 2021
Ella at Zardi’s; Louise Messenger (voice), Dave McEvoy (piano), Tim Bowen (double bass), Ben Riley (drums), 2022
At Wizardtone with Jarrad Payne for the 2019 Solo EP

Discography pre-2018

Luke Thompson: One By One (2016)
Bottleneck: Diversions (Tom Pulford, Dave McEvoy, Dave Phillips, Blake Hammat) (2010)
Fred Payne Band: Live at the Squatter’s Arms (2004)
Canvas: Canvas (2000)
Boss Trio: Boss Trio with Bob Jeffery (1998)
Andy Sugg: Quartets (1995)
Wally Carr: A Lifetime of Song (ca. 2015)
Mike Stewart Big Band: Collectively Speaking (2009)
Marlene Richards: Marlene Richards (album cover image currently unavailable) (2003)
Moment’s Notice Quintet: Another Long Night at the Station (1999)
Rent: Easy Tiger (1997)
Vo-Cool: Vo-Cool (1994)
The Boswell Project: The Boswell Project (2015)
Liz Tobias: A Beautiful Friendship (2007)
Souzi and the Coolmints: Since I Fell For You (2003)
Goose: Schwang (1999)
Crisp: Word and the Deal (1996)
The Adelaide University Big Band: Live at the Walker’s Arms (1994)
Mulder/Pulford Nonet: Live @ COMA (2013)
Greg Meyer: Greg Meyer (2006)
The Mike Stewart Quartet: Groove Express (ca. 2002)
Daniel Harvey Quartet: Daniel Harvey Quintet (1999)
New Rhythm Syndicate: Live at Cargo (1995)
Leslie Millar Quartet: Welcome Home (199)